Union Pig and Chicken

Welcome to Union Pig and Chicken

Welcome to Union Pig and Chicken, home of perfectly grilled and fried chicken and meats. Located in Oklahoma City, we have been serving quality meats for over two decades already. We are open every day to satisfy your meaty cravings. Our restaurant hours are from 10 am to 11 pm. Five years ago we used we transformed our garage into a kitchen. This worked or a while until we out grew it. Once we opened the restaurant we wanted our garage back, so we called A1 Garage Door Service OKC

There is a simplicity to our menu and yet there is enough variety to choose from to complement your chicken, pork, or beef orders. Our serving portions are by the quarters, halves, or whole for chicken or quarters, halves, and full pounders for all other meats.

We are proud to say that we have perfected the recipe for our meats. With the right blend of herbs, spices, and sauces for the marinade and using prime maple and cherry woods for smoking, our meats come out juicy and flavorful that will suit your meticulous taste buds.  We use the best kitchenwares for grilling and frying. Rest assured all our ingredients are fresh and of premium quality to serve you the best dishes on this side of Pennsylvania.

Grilled, fried, or smoked, our chicken and meats can be eaten with our side dishes or as a sandwich if you prefer to have them stuffed in a bun. Our side dishes are a delight to your tummy. We have poutine, different flavors of baked macaroni, frito pie, salads, coleslaw, rice and beans, yams and mallows, and some more chicken wings that come in barbeque, buffalo, or habanero flavors. We also have servings of dill pickles, pickled red onions, smoked jalapenos, shaved white onions, maples, honey, jam, butter, cornbread, and cream biscuits to further enhance your dining experience. Our famous alpha barbeque sauce and Carolina chili vinegar are free and placed right on your tables so you can be sure to have ample servings together with your meats. For those craving for a little more kick in spices, our Habanero sauce is also free, just ask our staff.

For your sweet treats, we offer homemade ice creams and baked pies. There is a different offer each day so be sure to check that out. And to cap off your day, choose from our extensive drinks, cocktails, wines, whiskeys, and crafted beverages. There is just so many to choose from to suit your desired brew or if you just want to taste them or indulge yourself.  We have sweet and easy going flavors, light and fruity, dark flavors, scotch, rich mahogany, and some awesome mixes too. Of course, we are here to remind you to drink moderately and responsibly.

If those are not yet enough to tease your senses and make your mouth water, we assure you that it is a totally delightful experience once you are inside our restaurant. The smell, sound, sight, and taste will surely awaken your every part of your senses. So we invite you to come and dine with us. We promise you it will be worth it!