They say that art is an expression of one’s self. Art is seen as a creative activity usually depicted in paintings, sculpture, literature, and performances. But nowadays, food is also considered an art. Chefs and restaurant staff painstakingly work on their food presentation to be able to serve food in an enticing way. There is a combination of colors, and height and textures are given importance. Gone were the days that you simply grill your food and serve them on a plate and your customers will be happy. It’s all about the taste, right? But today, food presentation has taken an important role in food preparation almost as much as the taste itself. People not only eat using their tongues but also eat with their eyes. A well-presented food is such a feast on the eyes that people take would want to take photos of the food they ordered and post them on their social media accounts before eating. It is all about art. Aside from the food, they also consider the ambiance of the whole restaurant. That is why cafes, bars, and restaurants come up with different themes to encourage more people to go to their place. There are a right vibe and right background for eating. Themed restaurants can take you to different places and let you experience difference stuff – youthful, travel, music, movies, rustic, among others. These themes often also have much influence on a customer’s decision in choosing a restaurant for dining in.

Thus, we can say that there is an art of eating. Art is in the preparation and in the background. The art of eating has evolved and dictated how restaurants and chefs present their food. It is not enough that you serve delicious food, they should also delight the eyes and induce wonderful sensations to your customers. That is the art of eating.